The Birth Of Tiger Woody

60 million years ago, there lived a forest dweller in North America called Woody, part of the Miacid family. Woody had low skull, long slender body, long tail and short legs. He was different from other Miacids, due to his curiosity on existence and evolution. One fine day, after wandering around the forest, Woody fell into a deep sleep mode and had a dream.


The Miacid

In his dream, a maiden huntress appeared, young, tall and slim with hunting boots, quiver, bow and arrows. Woody was excited to see her, chuckled and wanted to know who the mystical girl was. Encrypting his thoughts, she acknowledged him and said “Hi Woody, I am Artemis, your Creator. I have created you to help preserve ecosystem and maintain biodiversity “

Woody was excited, proclaimed, “Sure will do, what are the threats I will be facing while doing it, any heads up God Artemis? “


God Artemis

“You will be facing conflicts with humans which will threaten the  whole existence of your species.60 million years from now, there will only be 6 subspecies of your population left, in total about  3900. The survivors will be Amur Tiger, Xiamen Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Corbetts Tiger and Bengal Tiger.” said Artemis with a low tone.


Woody gave a look of disbelief, after a long silence, he asked “Why, why, what made the numbers dwindle, almost towards extinction? “


Artemis replied “Poaching, illegal trading and deforestation. Worry not, there will be humans who will protect your habitats, reduce conflicts, and promote tiger friendly policies, conduct researches to amplify conservation strategies.


“Will that be enough, declination seems outweigh conservation?” asked Woody


“That’s true, but fret not, there will appear a segment of humans called Hukens, who will create the digital representation of your being through the crypto world. They will serve the following calling

  • To change illegal body parts tiger trading to digital art trading
  • Encourages fellow humans to own NFT art of your skin, bone, teeth, claw
  • Donate portion of royalties from  digital  tokens to help rebuild tiger sanctuaries“ said Artemis


Now the whole mood of Woody changed, uplifted, he was puffing his chest out and said, “Humans, my friends “.Artemis replied “Yes, they always have been and will always be your friends. You will one day be digitally living in the Ethereum blockchains created by Hukens while parallely living your physical life”

The Huken

“You will be called Tiger Woody.…..” At that moment Woody woke up from the dream

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